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“During the “13th 5-year Plan”, Fuda Group has developed and implemented a strategy of transformation, upgrade and development. While pursuing transformation and upgrade of high-end manufacture, smart manufacture and business internationalization in the field of automobile parts and components, it strives to expand its presence in cultural, tourism and hotel sectors and gradually form a diversified development pattern. Fuda Performing Arts has been deployed in Sanjiang and worked with domestic top teams to create audio-visual feasts based on the rich local tourism resources and unique ethnic culture.

Listening to Sanjiang in Dong County--interaction performance of Dong County, China

Listening to Sanjiang in Dong County starts the cultural tourism experience in Dong County. It takes "water" as the theme, deeply integrates the mysterious cultures of Dong Nationality, Zhuang Nationality and Yao Nationality with tourism experience in Sanjiang, puts the national characteristics such as national festival, marriage, farming and life into the plot, presents all-round display, and makes it vivid and lifelike, so that the audience may fully feel the merry interaction and immersive experience. The performance is divided into three chapters of "Grandeur", "Imagination" and "Listening in Dong", which colorfully present the unique customs of production labor, season and climate, marriage and love, delicacy tradition of Dong Nationality, Zhuang Nationality and Yao Nationality. It displays the beauty of the picturesque, ancient and mysterious " Sanjiang" through multiple perspectives and layers. The ancient customs such as "Festival of Chasing Thief" of Dong Nationality, "sasanqua of Dong Nationality", the intangible cultural heritage in Guangxi, "Officer-raising Staff" of Dong County are set as the open and experiential festivals, which are extended from the plot to the stage. The audience may personally participate in the real sections such as chasing the thief, praying, drinking Dong tea, scrambling for Dong gifts, experience the folk customs of minority groups of Sanjiang and be immersed in the dramatic situations. Listening to Sanjiang in Dong County has been prepared for one year, with the excellent cast. Its Chief Director is Fan Xiaosuo, the famous national first-rate director and winner of Golden Lion Award. Colorful Guizhou Style directed by her has been performed for several thousand times, with the seat occupancy rate of more than 95%, thus creating the miracle of cultural and creative performance and art. Its composer is Zhang Qing, the famous Chinese musician. He is also the designated composer of Li Guyi, Mao Amin and Liao Changyong. The clothing designer is A Kuan, the famous clothing designer at home. He once served as the chief designer of multiple large performance and art projects at home and abroad. He also served as the chief clothing designer of the celebration party at the 60th anniversary of Guangxi. In addition, its scriptwriting, stage art, lamplight, clothing, modeling and dance choreography are also done by famous experts at home.

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