Diamond Bay Water Park

  “The “Yulin Fuda Cultural Tourism Technology Experience Park” is situated on the bank of Yudong Lake, Yudong New District of Yulin City. The project is planned to invest 1.8 billion Yuan, occupy a total area of 632 mu, which will mainly build a water park, a land high-tech experience park and a high-end boutique hotel. At present, its first phase Diamond Bay Water Park was officially opened on July 11, 2017.
  Inspired by eight kinds of gemstones, Diamond Bay Water Park has created eight theme water parks with different functions and prominent characteristics based on the colors, forms, names and types of gemstones. The entire park consists of large outdoor amusement facilities such as super wave-making pool, large water village, super tornado, new big cup, skateboard surfing and Octopus slide and high-tech indoor amusement experience programs.
  Address: No. 9, Jiangbindong Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin, Guangxi (next to Garden Expo Park) Tel.: 0775-2136666

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