Guilin Fuda Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd.
Located in the headquarters of Fuda Group, Guilin Fuda Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. was registered with a capital of 300 million Yuan, affiliating to the real estate segment of the Group. It is a comprehensive real estate investor mainly engaged in such businesses as real estate development, development of cultural tourism real estate and property management. At present, its real estate segment has had seven wholly-owned subsidiaries and co-developed “Evergrande City” with Evergrande Group. It has mainly invested in and constructed projects such as Quanzhou Wanli Jiangshan and Fuda Yanshuo’s Heart. Since the development and construction of projects, it has successively won awards and honors such as “Safe and Civilized Standardized Construction Site of the Autonomous Region” and “Exemplar Quality Premises of the Year”.
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